Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant

I planted 8 different tomatoes today, mostly heirloom, classic eggplant, tomatillo, cubanella pepper, tasty poblano pepper, and golden California wonder bell pepper. I got them all at Keller's Farmstand in Oswego because they have a wide variety and great prices. This year I got Brandywine, Yellow Brandywine, Green Zebra, Supersonic, Arkansas Traveler, Black Plum, Black Cherry, and Sweet 100's. I wish that they would have had Sungold, but since they I didn't and I ran out of seed last year, I will have to look elsewhere. I did not water, but it is supposed to rain a lot tonight and tomorrow morning. I am also banking on it not getting into the 40's anynore!